Health Freak Mommy: Last Day Of School For First Term - Friday, 13 March 2015


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Friday, March 13, 2015

Last Day Of School For First Term - Friday, 13 March 2015

Cass was one of the handful of Primary 1 pupils who volunteered to don on a white dress for the Assistant HM's retirement ceremony today.  Cass is just like her sister, Sherilyn - a vain-pot in the making, daring (but not as fearless as Sherilyn) and a social butterfly.  She makes friends very easily and is pretty vocal and amiable. And I must also say that she falls out with her friends pretty easily too and would come home to tell me who she falls out with and why whenever this happens. Nonetheless, she patches up with her fallen out friends and become besties with them again soon.

While the girls were at school, I made a quick dash with the mil to Mid Valley Megamall to do some retail therapy. I got myself a Bonia purse with a 40% discount off and managed to grab everything that I had wanted to buy.  It is such a breeze and peaceful shopping sans the kids!!  I told hubs that I wanted to buy  a few things before the GST kicks in in just 2 weeks.

After shopping, mil and I bought lunch for the girls.  Here's the girls' treat to celebrate the end of the first school term.

I am glad that Cass made a smooth transition from pre-school to primary school.  Despite a medical issue with her bladder, she managed to deal with her problem pretty independently, albeit teething issues at school initially.

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