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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Admirer At Seven Years Old!

There's this cute little boy in Cass' class who likes Cass A LOT! I have met him several times and he looks like a baby to me - cute, cuddly and still very childish. I guess he must be a December child as he is very tiny for his age, like a 4-year old kid. Once, I had to bring Cass home early as she had an appointment with the surgeon. As I led Cass out of the classroom, this boy who was playing with Cass kept hugging her and told her not to go home!

Cass tells me that this boy (I'll call him J) likes to follow her wherever she goes to. Sometimes he will mimic his lips to a kissing bud and will try to kiss Cass! Cass would run for her dear life. Sometimes, J will go after Cass to hug her and she will avoid at all cost. J likes to touch Cass' things and this would always irritate her. One time, she got so pissed with J that she told him this "my mummy asked me not to friend you anymore!" And she told me that those words hurt J so much that he was terribly crestfallen and moody the entire day!

In class today and related to me by Cass:

Cass - J, why do you like to touch my things and go near me all the time? Why don't you touch N's and Q's things? Why don't you disturb them?

 J - because N and Q are troublesome. I don't like them.

 Cass - why do you like me so much?

 J - because you are very pretty!


One time, J was rummaging through Cass' school bag and lo and behold, he fished out Cass' diapers, wrapped individually in plastic bags!! J asked Cass if she wears diapers and Cass told me that she cooked up a white lie to cover up! A few days later, J asked Cass repeatedly again if she wears diapers but Cass just ignored him.  I told Cass that she should not be ashamed of her problem. She needs to wear diapers because she has a medical issue and not because she is lazy to pee in the toilet. So she should not tell white lies to her friends but instead tell them the truth. I told Cass that those who cannot accept her are not worth being her friends and she should avoid fair weathered friends, period.

Cass however reveals her dark secret to her close girlfriends and they are all understanding and did not poke fun at her. Of course, there are a couple of evil and mischievous ones who would sometimes make fun of her but I am glad that Cass knows how to fend for herself.

Shouldn't I be happy that Cass has a strong admirer though she is only 7?  Not really. I have warned Cass time and again that she has to be very careful with J.   I explained to her that she should never let J or  anyone for that matter,  touch her private parts and she has to tell her teacher immediately should anyone try to touch her.

Looking at Cass here, you think anyone would find her pretty, demure and cute? She eats chicken feet like a village girl and she can be a real kick-ass bad girl who incense you till your blood boil!

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