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Friday, May 22, 2015

Green Salad With Figs

Twice or thrice a week, I will have salad with an egg for lunch.  If not for the iron (from meat) that my body needs, I can totally forgo meat. I am anemic.  I have no problems going cold turkey on meat. But I still can't give up eggs. I love eggs too much.

These days, eating meat makes me cloy easily, especially if the meat has been drenched with oil and salt. To begin with, I am an ultra small eater. And I also think  that it's partially because I feel the pain for animals when they get slaughtered. I tend to go morbid sometimes thinking of that.   DON'T shoot me, meat eaters!

Yesterday while having lunch, I read from the newspapers on how cows are slaughtered in Vietnam -- they are bludgeoned to death with sledgehammers!  OMG, Cass and I read the article and saw the picture and we both felt our tummies churn after that!  I've always told my kids that one day, I will turn vegan.  Yes I will, though not 100%.  I will still have eggs ;)

This was my lunch sometime last week, consisting of butterhead lettuce, seasoned Korean seaweed , organic cherry tomatoes, toasted almond, raw pumpkin seeds, a hard-boiled egg and fresh figs.  And of course my smoothie of the day, which was pineapple + orange + apple.

Healthy food makes me feel awesome.  My body feels better too when I eat non-meat foods.  Perhaps, it could be all in the mind too. My mind is pretty consumed on consuming clean! Well, you can't blame a health freak, can you? ;)

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