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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Grilled Chicken Sandwich For Dinner

Here's one of the simple dinners that I dished out sometime last week.

Sandwich with pan-fried chicken fillet, spiced tuna fish, cheese, cool cucumbers and juicy tomatoes.

Ever since I got a new Tefal non-stick wok that's really efficient (cooks food really fast), I've since found a renewed love for pan-frying!  It does not cause as much splish splash of oil vs steel-cast wok.

The chicken fillet was marinated with coriander seed powder, black pepper, garlic powder, garlic oil and gula melaka syrup.  They were really delish!

Spiced tuna - I used canned tuna flakes in mineral water and seasoned it with black pepper, cajun, cumin, garlic salt,  light mayo sauce and spring onions.  Since I did not have enough time to chop onions, spring onions was my next best alternative.  With a little oil left after pan-frying the chicken fillet, I used it to heat up the tuna and mixed the seasoning.   And this spiced tuna tasted fantastic.  The cumin gives it a little Middle Eastern flavor.

The slices of bread were lightly toasted in the oven...

And the girls fixed their sandwich themselves with 5 layers of ingredients -- in the order of spiced tuna, cucumber, cheese, tomato and chicken fillet.

And this sandwich was seriously good. Way better than Subway!!

I had reheated some fried rice (I cooked that for lunch) for the 'rice barrel' girl but to my surprise, she ain't interested in rice!  For the first time!  She only wanted the sandwiches and after this delish sandwich dinner, she told me that she wouldn't mind eating sandwiches for one of her meals everyday!

Since the 'rice barrel' turned down the fried rice, Sherilyn brought it to school for recess the next day, with 2 pieces of chicken fillet :)

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