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Saturday, May 9, 2015

One-Pot Dish - Curry Fish With Vegetables

Another one-pot dish for dinner on one of the school-going days last week...

Curry fish (Gold Pomfret) with brinjals, long beans, tomatoes, ladies fingers and puffed tofu.

I only used half a packet of instant fish curry sauce from Mak Nyonya to suit the kids.

Additionally, I added a handful of kafir lime leaves (these added so much flavor and aroma to the curry!) and 2 stalks of smashed lemon grass.   I also added about a quarter cup of santan (coconut milk) to thicken up the  curry sauce.

Still slow cooking in the pot...

The drama queen loves decorating her meals and this is her food art...

Grilled black pepper honey chicken fillet was leftover from last night's dinner, which I made.  Rice is cooked with fresh coconut milk.

Dishing up homecooked meals on busy weekdays need not be a nightmare. With proper planning and pre-prepping the ingredients on free days, putting fresh and wholesome homecooked dishes on the dining table for your family can be a walk in the park :)

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