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Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Sunday - 24 May 2015

Our Sunday yesterday was spent at Avenue K, after church.   Hubs knows that I need my weekly dose of stress management via retail therapy :D

There was a Fashionably AK fiesta held  at Avenue K (held the 2nd year)  when we were there.  This year, there was a carnival themed fashion fiesta all under one circus tent.  We took the opportunity to snap some pix with the clown on stilts.

Daddy bought vouchers for the girls to partake in the fun fair games.

Not as easy as you think... none of the girls won anything.

As usual, while hubs brought the girls around the mall, I quickly did some retail therapy :D

Back home, the girls video Skyped granny in Ipoh.  They were longing to see the little birdlings in a nest on a potted plant at the porch of my parents' house.   Last week, my mum Whatsapped the girls the picture of the nest with cute little round eggs inside the nest.  A few days ago, the eggs hatched and again, my mum Whatsapped the pictures of the adorable birdlings to show us.

The awesomeness of nature -- the birdlings in the immaculately made nest perched on a potted plant at the porch of my parents' house.

The protective parent bird watching my mum intently as she took pix of its babies in the nest...

While my mum stood next to the plant to show us the birdlings inside the nest via Skype on her mobile phone, the father and mother birds were perching on a pole nearby and squawking loudly non-stop, as if to cry in fear!  We saw this touching act via Skype and were awed. We were so touched that the parents birdie were so protective over their babies and I just cannot fathom how some humans have the heart to abandon their babies or flush their newborn down the toilet!!  You read the news of the baby cut into 15 pieces and flushed down the toilet?  I seriously think that the mother who did that is mentally sick.

Watching nature in awe via video Skype...

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