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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Dinner - 31 May 2015

I bought some nice house-made beef patties (free from preservatives, I was told)  from Village Grocer @ Bangsar Village this afternoon,  so I decided to whip up sandwiches with beef patties for dinner instead of eating out.  Saturdays and Sundays are sans part-time maid  and my kitchen is supposed to be closed.   Since I was in the mood to cook today, I told the girls that they could eat at home.  They were happy!  The girls prefer to eat home than eat out.  They prefer simple food that's low on oil, salt, sugar and MSG.... after years of good training from their health freak mom :D

Pan-frying the beef patties...

I just love my new Tefal non-stick pan with transparent lid.  It makes pan-frying such a breeze with almost zero oil splatter

These juice and yummy house-made beef patties from Village Grocer are sold at RM7.50 each.  They are low in sodium and have no MSG -- proven as I did not have to run to the kitchen to gulp down liters of water after the meal.  Did I tell you that I have an ultra sensitive throat and internal system? I am allergic to MSG, high sodium and oil-doused food -- these ingredients would trigger my body to gulp down water profusely and inflame my throat it if the food is deep fried.

Wholemeal sandwich with  cheese, sunny side up, beef patty,  mayo, tomato sauce and sliced cool cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.  The girls told me that they are scrumptious and better than those from restaurants :)

What's your dinner this Sunday?

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