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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Value In Izumio and Super Lutein

Everyone says it is expensive, even me. But that is because we have not yet been hit medically like some of you reading this, where each pop of chemotherapy could run up to more than RM10,000. And then the doctor tells you that you need at least a dozen cycles. What about doctor's fees and hospital bills, let alone drugs? What about all the family members you inconvenience because you are in hospital and sick?

Their time, your time, parking, petrol, it all adds up to dollars and cents.

I have gone through a rough time (financially, emotionally and physically) with Cass - from the moment we were told the harsh reality that she had Grade 3 Kidney Reflux (Grade 4 is the highest and most serious grade) and later even hit harder when a scan revealed that she's got a duplex collecting system on her right kidney. From the day she was attacked by her very first UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) attack at 6 weeks old right until her surgeries at 13 months old, hubs and I had spent between RM70,000 - RM80,000 on outpatient medical bills, her antibiotics, expensive imported probiotics (which did not help at all in preventing UTIs), supplements (at one period, she was on some very costly cactus juice and some kind of enzyme. But all these did not help to prevent the UTI attacks.), numerous hospitalization bills on months that she had serious UTI attacks which required hospitalization and finally, the major surgeries in May 2015 that cost us our arms and legs. What I had gone through with Cass is life changing.

Hubs and I exhausted a big chunk of our life savings to pay for Cass' medical bills and supplements. We are still bringing Cass to see doctors to find out why she is still dribbling urine. But ever since she started consuming Izumio, her urine leakage has improved tremendously. She is totally off diapers at home and only wears diapers when she goes to school and sleeps at night. Sometimes, she is off diapers when we go out. Cass is due to do a Cystoscopy Scan next month but we will call HKL to inform them that we are not going ahead with it. I am pretty certain that the test will yield no concrete answer and diagnosis. Perhaps I should still see the surgeon to update her on Cass' improvement.

Even if you have great medical insurance that takes care of all your medical bills, why go through the suffering when you could be healthy and well? In Cass' case, she is not insured and no insurance company will insure her as her problem is congenital. So instead of paying for her medical insurance, I am paying for her supplements.

If you could pay RM1,000 per month for your family medical insurances, why not pay RM1,000 per month for Izumio and Super Lutein? Or RM500 or RM2,000, whatever your budget allows. Plus you get to earn it back or lower your costs for the products should you refer anyone to the products. Heck, in order to prevent cancer and chronic illness, do you not think it is worth it? Especially if you are not yet sick? What is the price tag you would put on your own health? Your family's health? Do you really want to wait till you are critically ill and it is too late?

I have seen too many families scrounge up money when a family member falls ill. A colleague of mine had cancer when he was 50. He exhausted all his life savings and claimed all his insurances up to the cap and could no longer claim a single sen the following year after going through many rounds of chemo. Later, he borrowed a big sum of money from a friend but could never make it to return the money to his friend. He died on the OT table in one of the many surgeries that he had to go through. He was about 55 years old that year. I felt so sad over his loss.

Desperation sets in when a life is at risk. And believe me, it could happen to ANYONE. Even you. Even me. Even if you are keeping yourself super healthy by eating lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water and exercising. Everyone's body is different, our pathways are different. Even when someone leads a really healthy lifestyle, other factors could produce an abundance of free radicals unknowing to the person. It could be stress, it could be lack of sleep, it could be exposure to certain particles in the environment, it could be application of creams, powder, you name it. We do not know the reasons why our body breaks down and allows cancer. Sometimes it is a combination of factors. Canned food, bitterness, working near a paint factory, exposure to radiation, ingestion of heavy metals, etc.

If you were critically ill, terminally ill even, but knew that Izumio and Super Lutein offered you a chance, you would even pay more for it. But why wait till then?

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