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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Easy One-Pot Dishes

I cooked these for dinner about two weeks ago...

Curry with prawns, fish balls, ladies fingers, tomatoes, long beans and brinjal. Yup another one-pot dish that we all love! I dumped whatever I could find from the fridge into the pot to clear the fridge and freezer before the MIL's return from Hong Kong after her 2-month long vacation :D

I used half a packet of instant vegetarian curry sauce from Mak Nyonya, half a packet of fish curry powder from Baba's, half a packet of turmeric powder and a handful of kafir lime leaves.   Again, I just used whatever curry powder that I could find in the kitchen.

My first time dishing out this egg omelette  combo consisting of eggs, minced pork, tomatoes (2 medium size), garlic, onions, spring onions, soy sauce, pepper and tomato sauce.

Brown the minced pork first, then the tomatoes (until mushy), onions, garlic (make sure you don't burn the onions and garlic, else the dish will be bitter), the beaten eggs, spring onions, add pepper,  soy sauce and lastly add a dash of tomato sauce and mix well in the wok.

Miss Drama Queen helped me to slice the cucumbers. Can you see the diamond shape cucumber in the centre of the dish? Yes, her idea, as well as the seasoned seaweed, to decorate the dish.

This dish was absolutely delish. And yes, it's another one-pot dish, complete  with meat, eggs and veggies (spring onions, tomatoes and cucumbers) in it.

I'll definitely dish this up (many times again!) the next time the MIL goes on her long vacation again. It's easy to cook, prep time is short, ingredients are easily available and not expensive and the girls love it!

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