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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oxidative Stress

Our body is made up of cells. Our cells have DNA within the nucleus that is bound by Hydrogen bonds. Can you see how relevant Hydrogen is to our cells?  There was a customer who drank Izumio and had her defected gene mutated.

The act of breathing produces free radicals, just like a car producing exhaust fumes when you add petrol into it (our food). When we are exposed to the sun, air pollutants, toxic fumes (newly painted walls), stress, bad food, our cells get attacked by free radicals. The more 'poison' we expose our body to, the higher our chances are of getting sick.  Yet, however healthy a lifestyle we lead, we will still have free radicals.

In order to prevent diseases, our healthy cells need to outweigh the damaged cells by far. Or we will get sick in various degrees. Izumio and Super Lutein get absorbed into your cells within 20-40 minutes to cleanse out the free radicals and get them back to being healthy again.

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