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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quirky Big Baby

My quirky eldest baby girl - working hard each night (err, with pushing from tiger mom) to complete the massive homework from school as well as from her private Mandarin tutor in preparation for the forthcoming UPSR exam in September.

Why do I say that she needs a lot of pushing? The moment I am quietly working on my computer, this quirky girl will secretly whip out her iPod and plug the earphones into her ears or she may be messaging her friends or watching a show.  Not that I am pushing her to jockey for the top student position in school (I know she can't be pushed to that level). I am only hoping that she tries her level best to score as many As as she possibly can in her UPSR. That will help her in her entrance into good secondary schools.

This week, I confiscated her iPod when she made me fuming mad with that evil gadget from Apple. See, right from the beginning of time, the Apple is the root of all evil!  And it still is I told my girls.  All the discord and disobedience in the house erupt because of the Apple gadgets - 99% of the time!   If you read the Bible, you will know what I mean.  So yeah, she will be deprived of the evil Apple gadget until UPSR is over.  She will definitely be thanking me secretly later, I can bet on that!

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