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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Someone Just Ruined The Mattress!

Ever since she was totally weaned off from bedtime diapers at night when she was 3 years old, she has never had any accidents on her bed at night.  But what happened last night?  When I woke her up at 5:30am this morning, she asked me groggily "mummy, why am I wet?!"   And I went "you PEED in your pants la!"  DUH!   And she just could not believe that she wet herself and kept asking me "why did I pee in my bed ah?"

So I had an extra load of dirty laundry to wash today ... sigh!

The MIL and I lugged the heavy mattress to our tiny balcony to wash it. We carried buckets of water from the bathroom and splashed it on the mattress and used a toothbrush to scrub the mattress.  We could hardly move around in the shoe-box balcony with the mattress propped on a chair.  Luckily, hubs has just asked his staff to bring the soiled mattress to his shop to have it washed again  and sunned thoroughly outdoors.

See girl?  The trouble you put your grandma and mummy through!  I told her that from now onwards she will be barred from drinking water after 9pm. But she told me that she's thirsty at night.   I double-dog dared her to do what her grandma and I had to do to clean up the utter mess and she dared not utter a word back.

So from today onwards, your bed will be like Cass' bed where a plastic sheet will be placed underneath the bedsheet!  Hopefully after this nasty incident, she will subconsciously try harder to hold her pee tightly in her bladder in her sleep, just like how we adults do it.  She slept pretty late last night (around 11ish pm) after dilly dallying in the house (and made me fuming mad!)  and I think she must have been so bone-weary that she totally lost control and woooosh, out came the water-fall of wizz!

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