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Friday, July 17, 2015

Project Friday

The girls woke up at 5am today to follow their daddy to the airport to send off their aunt and cousins  to board a flight back to Auckland.

After an early breakfast, Alycia's classmates came over to work on a Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) project.

The first classmate who turned up was a boy, X. When the doorbell rang, I got a little surprise to see a lanky young lad standing outside the door with his mother! LOL!  Alycia had not informed me that there were boys in her team!    X's mother and I introduced ourselves and he came in.  It felt really really awkward to be inviting a boy into the house and calling out to Alycia to welcome her friend.

Alycia had planned to have the project carried out in her bedroom as her computer is in the room. Since X was half an hour early, we had them seated at the dining table.   Alycia felt awkward too, with just X  around but X was pretty good in breaking the ice. He's a chatty guy with a great sense of humour too.  An hour later, all the team members arrived.  I ordered McDonald's, to be delivered over.

The kids working on their project.

The kids played, munched on snacks and yakked more than working on the project!  I was the one who was doing most of the thinking for them!  Oh well, I didn't expect them to have the discipline of an adult. After all, they are only a bunch of 11-year olds and 12-year olds.

When the project was finally completed after 4 hours, the kids played table tennis at the function room while I brought Cass for swimming.

Daddy joined in the table tennis game too later...

The last kid left at 7:30pm after spending a day at our place.   Alycia had a swell time with her classmates. As for me, I was tuckered out after a long day and this Hari Raya holiday ain't no holiday at all for me.  Alycia needs to be in school on Monday and Tuesday while everyone else gets a holiday!

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