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Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Chow With My Family (Old Klang Road Bah Kut Teh and Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe)

On Saturday night... Bah Kut Teh at Old Klang Road.

We were all so famished (had a late dinner) that I had forgotten to take a mental note of the name of the shop or snap a picture of the shop. We dashed right inside hurriedly to 'chop' a table as there was a large crowd outside the shop waiting to tuck into a piping hot bowl of mean porcine herbal soup.

The bah kut teh was really good -- broth was tasty and soothing and the meat oh so tender and juicy.   Hubs ordered 6 bowls of ribs, several bowls of lean and partial lean cuts, piggy intestines (no no for me!), puffed tofu, Enoki mushroom as well as a claypot spicy pork.  Everything was wiped clean.

However, the tables, chairs and loo were dirty! I was already nauseated when I saw the sticky peeling plastic chairs with black stains. All of us used wet wipes to wipe down our chairs and table. Well, like they say, if you want good Malaysian street food, you just have to bear with the not-so-hygienic conditions :)

Bah Kut Teh bill came up to RM151 for 6 people (3 adults 3 kids)

On Sunday, we had lunch at Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine Cafe at Faber Tower, Taman Desa.
It was our first time at Oiso's new outlet at Taman Desa. There are about 5 outlets around the Klang Valley.

Food was good. The girls who are fans of Korean Kimchi and everything spicy, wolfed down all the spicy dishes.  Oiso serves home-style Korean food cooked to the family recipes of the owner.

Unlike the more common Korean barbecue, little cooking is done at the table except for the stirring of the delicious bibimbap (RM17.90) - rice in a red-hot stone bowl together with vegetables, egg, beef, seaweed and red pepper paste (aka gochujang).  Oiso's bibimbap was so delish that for a no-rice no-carb person like me, I could not resisit chowing down a bowl of  yummy bibimbap.

The fried kimchi with saba fish (RM20.90) came with a chunk of fried mackerel, then simmered in a hot stew with kimchi in it. The fish soaked up all the flavours of the vegetables and hot bean paste of the stew, which made it very delish.

Bulgogi beef (RM21.90) -- paper thin beef slices pan-fried with onions was top notch in taste. The girls wolfed down this dish in a jiffy and when hubs was done serving the girls noodles, there were only a few strips left for him :D  He wanted to order another portion but we stopped him coz more dishes were on the way!

Seafood ramen with spicy soup (RM14.90) -- the girls' comfort food and something that we hardly cook at home. At home, instant noodles are eaten twice or thrice a year maybe?  There was also a kimchi ramen @ RM12.90 (very spicy but very flavorful). That came last and I had forgotten to snap a picture of it.

Pan-fried BBQ chicken with foo pei (tofu cake) @ RM22.90. It's sweet and suitable for kids. Another yummy dish!

Steamed egg in hot pot (RM10.90) for the girls...

When the Pajeon @ RM10.90 (Korean pancake) arrived, we were already too stuffed to eat it. So we had it taken away for dinner.

Along with 5 organic barley tea @ RM1.90 each, total bill came up to RM151.25 including tax (same amount as the bah kut teh that we had the night before!).  There was a 10% new opening discount, off our bill.

The menu has a good and broad selection of dishes and sets and  the pricing is very wallet-friendly. Before we left Oiso, we were already talking about going there again very soon! Yes we better patronize Oiso @ Taman Desa again soon before the 10% discount ends. This time, I'll definitely try their kimchi pancake, kimchi fried rice and other spicy stew dishes.

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine And Cafe
Ground Floor, Podium Block, Faber Tower
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
016-315 1349

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