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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Breakfast In Ipoh - 20 December 2015

Dad, mum and Alycia went to the Kg. Simee wet market to shop for perishables to cook  tonight's dinner and bought some of the yummiest Ipoh hawkers' fare for breakfast.  This is the market that I grew up with. We used to go to this market every Sunday since I was a toddler.

Below - our happy breakkie at home on a bright, sunny morning in Ipoh today...

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My favorite Hakka fish balls and pork balls and stuffed super soft and smooth tofu. My favorite since I was a toddler.  On the foreground is prawn wanton...

Below - all my favorite carbo from the market.

Loh Mai Kai, crispy Tai Kau Min (Chinese peanut pancake), kuih kasturi (fried mung bean kuih), yam cake, the world famous egg tarts from Kg. Simee market, Woon Jai Koh (cake in little cup).  Also Char Siew Pau, wantan noodles and  pandan flavor coconut water (not in picture)

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Below -  the magical egg tarts from Choy Kee @ Ipoh Simee Market. Best in Ipoh, best in the world! Imagine yourself biting into one such piece de resistance, freshly out from the oven, with crumbling fluffy pastry, bursting with the aroma of butter and a wobbly, hot, creamy centre of rich egg custard. Mmmmmm, that's the bomb!

Many locals think Choy Kee’s egg tarts are the best in Ipoh.– Pictures by James Tan

Below - Woon Jai Koh (cake in little cup ).  This is Alycia's favorite.

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With so much good food, consisting of mainly carbs, I am pretty sure I will be piling up a few pounds. Nah, I am going to enjoy first and worry about the scale later ;)

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