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Friday, December 4, 2015

Our Thursday - 3 December 2015

3 more days before our trip to Hong Kong, I left the house early in the morning with Cass to buy onions.  Onions are one of the items 'ordered' from the mil in Hong Kong.

Below- Cass did a good job helping me to select onions...

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Then Cass and I had breakfast of 'pan meen' at our favorite coffee shop and  packed a bag of  kon loh pan meen for the 2 lazy bumps still lazing in their beds.

Next up, I brought the girls to Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall to shop for X'mas pressies.

I spent 30 frigging minutes making hundreds of rounds at the carpark at Mid Valley Megamall but luck was not on our side. We could not find a darn space to park. Finally after 30 minutes, I gave up. I  parked my car at the side of  the busy basement while my brave Sherilyn dashed into the mall to pay for my car park ticket.  Then I braved the horrendous traffic jam to get to the Gardens Mall premium car park.  Thank God, after 15 minutes we spotted a lady leaving and I finally got a parking space after 45 super frigging minutes wasting my time and petrol doing a wild goose chase. My bladder was on the verge of bursting and gawd it bloody hurt too. When we reached the mall, we dashed to the toilet to release... phew!

We spent over 5 hours walking up and down both the malls, lugging with us bags and bags of heavy presents!  Our loot consists of gifts for only half the list of people.  Our Xmas shopping will continue when we return from Hong Kong.

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Above: after 4 hours of shopping, we had a late lunch at  DubuYo, a halal Korean restaurant.

Again, it's no surprise that despite walking for over 5 hours, I wasn't tired a wee bit. It's funny how one  never gets tired when one indulges in the activity that one loves most. Shopping is truly the number 1 therapy for yours truly!! :D

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