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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Wednesday - 2 December 2015

Our lunch yesterday was at a new Chinese restaurant at our neighborhood.  Food was mediocre and laced with MSG, my no. 1 bane when eating out!  After lunch, all of us felt a funny, bitter and tingling sensation in our mouths and we were all dying to gulp down water!

The sweet and sour chicken with strawberies dish was almost in luminous red! Gawd, I wonder what kind of food additives they added into the dish to make the color so bright!!

The prawns were really springy. Hubby commented that these  prawns may be soaked in chemical solution to make them springy for industrial use. OMG! Horror!

We ordered spinach but the waiter kept sending us lettuce and got the cheek to tell us that we ordered lettuce. We never order lettuce when eating out.  Finally, we got so pissed with the waiter and cancelled the veggie dish and told him to bring the plate of lettuce back into the kitchen.

We will never patronize this restaurant again. I think I can dish out a better meal hah! :D  Yes, I kid you not, I am capable of doing it if I put my heart into it.

After lunch, we made a quick trip to NSK to get some groceries, then rushed home for Alycia's guitar lesson.

After guitar class, the girls had a video call session with their twin cousins from Auckland via Messenger on Alycia's iPod. They have been planning a surprise presentation for grandma's 70th birthday celebration in Hong Kong next week.

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