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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eve of April's Fool 2016

Drama Queen, a rogue since she was a toddler has a few pranks up her sleeves for April's Fool Day tomorrow!

Since this morning, she has been wishing everyone at home "Happy Eve Of April's Fool Day!" in a real devilish tone.  She practiced pranking everyone at home to the point that it got on everyone's nerves!

After dinner, I saw Drama Queen sculpting something. She asked me to make a guess on what she's making.  OMG, it looked like a piece of shit.  She's going to prank her friends with that piece of shit!!

Just a moment ago, after she had gone to bed, I ransacked her school bag and found a cute Hello Kitty gift box that I have never seen before. It was complete with a cushion inside. Once the cushion was removed, I was startled.  I had expected to see a piece of shit but she changed her mind and transformed it into some kind of shit bug! And it looks so real too.

Image may contain: indoor

I showed this to the hubby and he was very nonchalant about it. I teased him that Drama Queen has inherited all his holy terror DNA!

I  sympathize with the friend who is going to get pranked tomorrow by this rapscallion!  I warned her not to overdo her pranks, lest I spend my entire morning in school at the disciplinarian's office!

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