Health Freak Mommy: Shopping Cart - 29 February & 3 March 2016


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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shopping Cart - 29 February & 3 March 2016

Here's more peeking into the shopping habits of a health freak mommy :D

Below - shopping cart on 29 February 2016

No automatic alt text available.

Contents: 1 bottle organic apple cider vinegar, 1 jar Korean kimchi, bread, 3 packets Australian carrots, tomatoes, 1 punnet organic French beans, 1 packet four angle beans, 1 packet coriander, 1 packet spring onions, 2 punnets organic cherry tomatoes and 1 crate antibiotic-free chicken eggs.
Damage = about RM70

Below - cart on 3 March 2016

Image may contain: food

1 packet organic unbleached flour, 1 box organic soy beans, 1 packet organic psyllium husk, 1 box organic peppermint green tea, 1 bottle Japanese Sumiyaki instant coffee and 1 bunch banana.
Damage = RM85

All these could have been way cheaper had I bought regular non-organic ones. But pesticides and GMO keep preying my mind and I am just one paranoid mommy! For this, I am paying through my nose each time just to stay sane and hopefully healthier :)

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