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Monday, March 7, 2016

UPSR Cash Reward For The Big Girl

I didn't know that the girls' school (primary) has a cash reward scheme in place for UPSR candidates who score 5As, 6As and 7As in the exam.  That's the problem with the big girl, who is an introvert. She does not share much  happenings with me.  Often times, I need to bribe her with goodies to make her spill.   Most of the time, I get the news from Sherilyn and Cass who yak  non-stop, ever so generous with their information with me.  Sometimes they blather too much and this can be quite annoying, on days when my mind is stressed out with problems and work.

I only found out from Alycia early last week that she needed to make a trip to her primary school on Saturday for a cash reward and certificate giving ceremony.

And her reward for scoring 5As is RM80 cash and a certificate :)  Not bad at all eh?

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