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Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Friday - 17 June 2016

In the morning, the hubs suddenly suggested to have breakfast with me.  But I  had an appointment at 10ish am with a friend at Gardens.  Never reject your man when he asks you out, right?

Yeah, right!

So we had a quick breakfast of char koay teow...

Image may contain: food

Porky soup noodles with added white pomfret fish that hubs bought from a fish seller opposite the coffee shop.  He told the pork noodles seller to cook the fish and add it into this noodles. And the bowl of noodles turned out to be really yummy!

Image may contain: food

Kampar fishball noodles with fish balls and 'liu'...

Image may contain: food

After a quick breakfast, I sped home, quickly boiled a pot of barley water at super high flame coz I was in a hurry. Had a change of clothes and then sped off to Gardens to meet my friend and then had a quick dose of retail therapy  before speeding home to wait for Drama Queen and Cass to come back from school.

The entire afternoon was spent on the computer and studying the Naturally Plus business system. I feel like I am back at college again having to study and understand a business system but this is much  more rewarding than studying in the college as I get to earn moolah.  It is the passive income that spurs me to keep going and to never give up however tough it may be to be juggling with this business on top of an online store, a household, 3 high-demand kids and blogging :)

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