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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dishes Cooked With Khind Stir-Fryer

Exactly a week ago, I got a new Khind stir-fryer.  My  new kitchen toy came just about the right time as the mil has just left for Hong Kong for a few months and this kitchen toy is a pretty efficient helper.   Khind stir-fryer is an automated electric cooker that can really help you to save time in the kitchen while keeping the kitchen free from grease and oily fumes.  It has stir-fry, pan-fry, braise and toast functions.

These are some of the dishes that I whipped up over the past one week using the Khind stir-fryer:

1) Mushroom sauce for my honey grilled chicken.  Chicken was grilled using the oven.

Image may contain: food

2) Braised brinjal with minced garlic, tomatoes and tau cheong.

3) Sauteed homegrown (organic) sweet potato leaves with garlic.

Image may contain: food

3) Pan-fried fish. For this type of small fish that I used (it looks similar to mullet fish), the outcome of the fish was ultra crispy.  Even the small bones were crispy and can even be swallowed (good source of calcium eh?)

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: people sitting and food

Very little oil is needed to pan-fry the fish.

Image may contain: food

4) Blanched veggie
5) Fried rice

Image may contain: food

Fried rice just completed in the stir-fryer.

Image may contain: food

You can read more on the Khind stir-fryer and how you can get discount from my earlier post in my other blog.

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