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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Sunday - 10 July 2016

Today is the last day of Raya holiday.  In exactly a week's time, Drama Queen and Cass will be sitting for yet another school exam.

While the girls slept in, I, as usual got up early to begin my slavery duties.

In between moping floor and doing laundry, I had sips of organic lemon tea steeped with wild blue pea flowers.

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Lunch was Korean food with friends.

Back home, I spent a couple of tormenting hours revising BM language with Drama Queen and Cass while losing my voice screaming. I think my blood pressure went up a few notches.  I could feel my heart flutter a little bit more too after an evening of talking and screaming.  While seated at the table going through the same old Tatabahasa (Malay grammar) with them, I was wishing that my day will very soon come where Drama Queen and Cass can independently revise on their own. I just want to put my legs up and have a relaxing massage on my massage chair on a Sunday with zero stress.

Dinner was all the heated up left-over food, doggy-bagged from restaurants over the past few days while the mil had a night out with her SILs.

Dessert  for the girls was grandma's homemade bread with granny's homemade kaya.   Drama Queen and Cass pleaded to help to slice the bread with me standing next to them and watching over them like a hawk and telling them to keep their fingers away from the knife, lest they slice off their fingers in excitement with the samurai long bread knife. It was their first time slicing a loaf of bread.

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