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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Sunday - 3 July 2016

Today's sermon in church was on a very apt family-related topic which struck a chord with the girls and me. Hopefully after this deep and meaningful sermon, the girls will have a better sense of responsibility at home.

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After church, we had Japanese food at Lao Jiulou: 老酒楼 Old Restaurant to tuck into our favorite comfort food.

Lao Juilou is run by a Japanese, Seiji Fujimoto - a ramen specialist.  This humble eatery is like a cool hybrid of an old-fashioned Japanese izakaya and a roadside Chinese hole-in-the-wall. But the interior is less than dingy. Lao Juilou serves up dishes that are very homely and one that you would expect to come from your grandma or mother.  So homely and reasonably priced are the food that you really wouldn't mind dining there every other day. And yep, the food is kids-friendly and we have never had that unquenchable thirst after eating the food. Though it is opened by a Japanese and serve mainly Japanese morsel, many of the dishes have Chinese components in them.

Below - Special Rice is a combo of minced pork, carrots, french beans, julienned wood fungus and waxed sausage, all steamed in a bowl together with the rice.  This tastes very homely (with no overpowering sauces and MSG) and not salty at all. Omit the sausage and this would be a perfect and well-balanced dish for kids.

Below - pork gyoza, available steamed or pan-fried. Both are super delicious. Pillowy-plump and juicy with soft skin, lip-smacking when savored with julienned ginger and vinegar.  This is Alycia's all-time favorite and we always order 3-4 plates at one sitting. She can eat nothing else but gobble down 10 of these!

Below- Tonkatsu ramen - cheap and yummy.  One can satiate his/her craving for many bowls of ramen at Lao Juilou without breaking one's wallet.

Photo credit - Eat Drink KL.

After lunch at Lao Juilou, we segued into Palmier Patisserie Cafe, located just a few shops away. Palmier is a French patisserie that's Australian inspired. Here you'll  find delectable and freshly baked pastries, paninis, pies, tarts and cakes and of course gourmet coffee.

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After lunch, we dropped by at the newly opened Domino's Pizza at our neighborhood to grab their buy-1-free-1 pizza promotion.  Take-out pizza was for the girls' dinner.  As for me, I was SO stuffed from lunch that I only ate capsicum, tomatoes and cucumbers for dinner.

Check out the 2 camera shy big girls *rolls eyes*

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Back home, Drama Queen and Cass continued with their books' 'house moving' from their bedroom onto our new teak wood book shelf shipped from Chiangmai, which arrived on Saturday. They have only moved a quarter of their 'treasure' onto the shelf and with three quarters remaining, we would need another shelf to house another one quarter of their books collection. Very soon, we can turn our house into a mini library!

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