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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Weekend (23 - 24 July 2016)

My typical Saturday morning would be to have breakfast with Cass after dropping  Drama Queen at the tuition center at 9am. Alycia has to attend school on Saturdays.  If the hubs does not have to be at his office, the kitchen or the client's place, he will join us at the coffee shop.

Our favorite food on a Saturday morning is bitter gourd vermicelli with minced pork and poached egg at our favorite coffee shop.  Cass only eats bitter gourd when cooked this way and from only this stall.  I have tried cooking the exact bitter gourd + minced pork noodles for her but she  didn't even want to try the bitter gourd and commented that it would be too bitter.  Huh, preconceived notion!

After breakfast, we would normally walk to the supermarket to shop for fruits, milk and other stuff.  Cass has now mastered the art of selecting fruits and loves to help me with this whenever we are at the supermarket.

On Sunday, Alycia's friends came in the afternoon to work on a Biology project together. When the bunch of thirteen year olds went to the gym, I quickly went into her room and took this picture, he he he!  Both Drama Queen and Alycia hate having their photos taken and posted on mummy's Facebook and blogs. To think that they were once so cooperative and eager camera posers for me when they were cute little girls breaks my heart that they no longer wish to do it anymore.  My girls have grown. Hopefully they will pass this phase too and will soon be eager camera posers for me again.

After her friends left, Alycia had to have a thorough clean up of her room as she allowed her friends to eat chips, chocolate and other junk in her bedroom!!  Bits of chips were scattered everywhere on the room floor. I went berserk and told her that this would be the first and last time that she and her friends ever get to eat in the room as I am terrified of a roach-infested room!

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