Health Freak Mommy: Sunday Meals - 31 July 2016


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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Meals - 31 July 2016

Lunch today was Japanese...

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We were still pretty stuffed from a heavy lunch, thus dropped our plan of having dinner at our favorite Chinese 'tai chow' restaurant and opted to have sandwiches at home instead.  Drama Queen volunteered to prepare dinner... how lucky can I be!!  She helped to make scrambled eggs and sliced cucumbers, capsicum and tomatoes. She even washed the dishes after dinner!!  Though our wires often get crossed, inside the kitchen, I think she hangs the moon and the stars for me!

After Drama Queen was done preparing dinner and laying all the items needed for sandwich on the dining table, she announced maternally: "I'm done. Help yourself to these everyone!"   then proceeded to the wet kitchen to wash the wok and all.

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I was still feeling cloy after stuffing myself with Musang King durian and only had salad and oats.

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