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Friday, October 28, 2016

Breakfast With The Big Girl

School was out for several days for the big princess to cater for students sitting for the UEC exam early this week.

Every morning during her school break, the big princess and I would have a short outing, either to the supermarket or to the eatery to enjoy breakfast, just the two of us.

Here we had breakfast at the Indian restaurant. She had her favorite roti tisu kurang gula (less sugar) and I had my all-time favorite tosai rawa lebih garing (extra crispy).  We enjoyed our high calorie and high carb breakfast very much and needless to say, we busted our carbs and calorie quota for the day. Lunch was just fruits and cucumber :D

Image may contain: food and indoor

I really wouldn't mind a wee bit tucking into this heavenly morsel everyday IF ONLY there was no such thing as carb, diabetes, calories and high cholesterol. IF only la...

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