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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Exam Week

This week is the big Princess' final exam and will end on Saturday. Yep she has full day school on Saturdays too.  If you don't already know, I am always sleep deprived as I only have a max of 5 hours sleep from Mondays through Saturdays.  I am up by 4:45 am each day to get the girls ready for school.  But I'm glad that the big Princess is attending a school voted the best Chinese Independent High School in Malaysia, all rounder :)

For the past few nights, when I got up at 2am to bring Cass for her nightly pee, I found the big Princess still studying in her room, with air-cond turned on and a very weary look on her face.  I chided her (though very toned down) and told her that her way of revising for an exam is very wrong.  I have always discouraged the girls to do last minute revision till ungodly hours. Instead I always exhort to them that revision should be done everyday, though only half an hour a day. But sigh... it is SO HARD to drum this into their heads.  Stubborn like who??? Me or the hubs?   The big girl tells me that it is pointless to study too soon as she will forget the facts, thus she feels it is best to only revise at the eleventh hour. Makes sense ar??  Pretty, maybe. But I am all for getting sufficient sleep to gain sharp mental acuity to fight the battlefields the next day. I pray that the big Princess will still have the mental alertness to answer her Physics and History papers today. She has to study Sejarah (Malaysia history) and China history in Chinese.  She only has 4 hours of sleep today.

I am unable to help the big girl much in the preparation of her exam. But I can do a supporting role by rolling out only fresh and wholesome meals for the girls to prep their bodies to weather the stress from lack of sleep and exam anxiety.  I also pump them with Izumio and Super Lutein everyday to zap away free radicals.  Stress and lack of sleep are the biggest free radicals causing culprits!

Dinner for yesterday-

ABC soup, sauteed organic Chinese spinach (por choy) with garlic and steamed Berkcious minced pork with salted egg, chicken eggs and organic wood fungus (Mok Yue).

Image may contain: food

You can get organic wood fungus from most organic shops. I used about 2 pieces and cut them into thin strips. Since there is salted duck's egg added, I omitted the salt and soy sauce.  The girls loved this dish very much.  Cass polished off almost half the plate!

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Soup for the soul - composed of carrots, potatoes, celery, big onions, corn pepper, Sakura antibiotic-free chicken keel, Sanshui free range chicken parts and soft baby pork ribs.

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Dinner two nights ago - rice cooker chicken rice and sauteed organic bok choy and organic French beans with garlic and carrot strips, washed down with a glass of refreshing cool coconut water.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

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