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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Saturday - 24 Oct 2016

We attended a food and fun fair at our church last Saturday. The girls have been looking forward to attend this fund-raising event since the church announced it months ago.

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The girls were not too keen to spend the coupons on food. They were only eyeing the games!
Drama Queen used up a lot of coupons on 2 rounds of this game where playing cards had to be aimed and thrown at two half cut watermelons. If the card sticks to the melon, you'll get a chop on your redemption card.  I don't know why she chose this game as it's one of the toughest to aim.

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Alycia tried too but didn't manage to stick any card to the watermelon.

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Cass trying her luck with throwing darts at the balloons. Not easy too.
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Hitting tins with a ball seemed easy but it ain't easy too...
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Fishing ducks from the pool also seemed easy but it ain't easy as well as the plastic ducks were too light and kept buoying in all directions. Towards the last few seconds, Cass managed to fish out 1 duck... which earned her 3 chops, YAY!

And for almost RM60 on these games, the girls only accumulated 8 chops, which qualified them for a gift redemption.  Cass was eyeing on some Pokemon plushies but they were all already finished by the time we were at the redemption counter.  What's left were  only some plastic food containers and car sun shades for redemption.   She was really disappointed. But it's OK I told her as we are doing this for charity. We can try again next year.

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I used some of the coupons to get myself a bowl of homemade Foo Chow red wine chicken noodles.

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Back home, Drama Queen baked a tray of chocolate chip cookies for her school Girl Guide's party.  She baked the cookies all on her own while I was away with Cass for piano lesson at Yamaha. When I was back, I helped her crank up the oven.  The cookies turned out pretty tasty and I think that it's very good for an 11-year old girl, who did it all on her own steam.

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