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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sixth Sense

I have it!

Yes, the sixth sense.  And it's freaking creepy each time my eyelid or eyebrow twitches.  The more it twitches the worse off the presentiment of disaster that is about to strike us - my loved ones especially.

And it happens all the time. Well, 9.5 out of 10 times when my darn eyelid/eyebrow twitches. Scary eh?

Last Saturday, my left eyelid twitched and vibrated the whole day. The whole darn day, less the hours I was in bed. I just knew something bad would pop out from the Pandora's Box.  I kept telling the girls that they had better be careful in all circumstances - what they eat and do. They know that mummy has this uncanny 6th Sense with her Twitching Eyelid.  Cass seems to inherit this special ability too. And her eyelid twitched too.  Double whammy!

About 4 days later, the evil genie finally popped out from the bottle.  First Cass was left behind in school by her van driver and she gave me a heart attack when she used her class teacher's mobile phone to call me from school at the time when I was supposed to wait for her at our condo lobby. You can read about it here.

Next, the girl's grand aunt fractured her leg during her holiday overseas and is now in a cast and homebound.

Next up, our very dear and close family friend was down with a bad bout of kidney infection. We visited her in the hospital on Sunday and I brought along packets of Izumio for her.

Several days later, Drama Queen came home from school with high fever. She has inflamed tonsillitis. This girl has been slacking in drinking water and popping her Super Lutein lately and I have been too busy to keep reminding her to drink water like a fish.  On the day we went to our church fun-fair last week, I had warned the girls not to buy sausages and nuggets and absolutely nothing deep fried.  And this stubborn girl just had to go against me and bought a foot-long deep fried Frankfurter. Double trouble - deep fried garbage. And know what? She didn't bring along her water tumbler and did not drink a drop of water after chowing down the entire crap, right out from the pot of recycled hot oil.... all by herself.  When I found out that she had inflamed tonsils, I just couldn't help repeating "serves you right for disobeying your mother!"  I know it sounds evil of me but I did warn the girls umpteen times in the car on our way to the fun-fair to NOT BUY DEEP FRIED FOOD. And she just had to do it.  SIGH, why, why, why?!!

Now Drama Queen is on Cass' diet, which comprises of an alkaline diet, no deep fried food, lots of water, lots of Izumio, 2 capsules of Super Lutein a day, probiotics, Roselle kefir and propolis with manuka honey. I hope she'll get well soon in time to attend her school's bazaar and Children's Day.

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