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Monday, November 21, 2016

Alycia's Second Tennis Lesson

Alycia is LOVING her tennis lessons!   Today she attended her 2nd lesson and she's really getting a hang of it. A stranger watching her play would not have guessed that today is only her 2nd lesson as she was hitting more balls than missing them.

Hubs already has a tennis racket, so we'll only need to get one more for Alycia and Drama Queen to practise during the month-long school holiday which starts at the end of this week.

After tennis practise with the coach, she had to do some zig zag running exercises.

While Alycia attended tennis lesson, Drama Queen jogged at the tracks while Cass helped to pick up balls - helpful as ever this girl :)

Despite having to put up with a kitchen and bedrooms that are a tad squeezy, I have no complaints living in a condo. We get to enjoy the pool, tennis court, running tracks, gym, function room, BBQ pit and most importantly 24 hours security.  If I have the wherewithal to buy a property, I would still stick to a condo with full facilities.

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