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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Baking & Craft Saturday - 19 Nov 2016

One likes art and craft and the other likes baking and cooking.  Now that exams for this year are over, Cass and Drama Queen have started to indulge in their hobbies.

On Thursday evening, I brought Cass to the stationery shop to get art supplies for her to make burger pinatas with tutorial from US You Tuber Rachel Fong.  She spent the entire Thursday evening making burger pinatas.

Yesterday the magic clay that I ordered from my supplier arrived. Cass was delighted. Even I could not help burying my fingers into the super soft magic clay to sculpture something funny!

Cass spent her Saturday today sculpturing emojis and social media icons after practising the piano.

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If you have an art and craft fan like Cass, you can get the magic clay from my online store too. Just give me a tinkle at shireenyong@gmail.com OK! :)

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While Cass kept herself busy with clay sculpturing, Drama Queen spent a couple of hours in the kitchen baking a gluten-free cake, using the remaining gluten-free flour that we bought to make my mum a cake for her 70th birthday two months ago.

Picture below shows her heating up some chocolate chips in the microwave oven to make chocolate sauce to drizzle on her cake.
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While I was in piano class with Cass, Drama Queen Whatsapp-ed me the picture of her cake and asked me if it looked ok and I said it looked awesome!

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This girl's got so much talent in the kitchen yet she tells me that her ambition is not to be a baker or chef but something else.   Err... an architect or interior designer.

Image may contain: fruit and food

And this sugar-reduced gluten-free cake with chocolate sauce, fresh orange slices and kiwi slices is just fantastic. Soon, she'll be able to sell her bakes too.

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