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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Our Saturday Breakfast Chow Down

Today hubs and Alycia joined Cass and I for breakfast at our usual Saturday coffee shop after dropping off Drama Queen at the tuition center.  Alycia does not need to attend school on Saturdays anymore for the rest of the school days for this year,  YAY!!!

With hubs around, there is always PLENTY of scrumptious food on the table.  And this is why I need to force myself to run or swim every morning.

I ordered bitter gourd noodles sans the noodles but with minced pork, vegetables, lots of bitter gourd and an egg. Today the egg looked really  'plasticky' and I was feeling really skeptical on the genuinity of the egg!  I should have snapped a picture of the egg.  Was it real chicken egg or was it fake egg from China?! Eewwwwww!!  If the stall owner knew about the eggs and served them to us, I hope he knows what he's doing. Karma bites back like a bitch I tell you.

The big princess ordered 3 sets of coffee shop style Chinese white bread toast with kaya. This girl eats toasted bread every morning yet she never gets sick of them!

And the carnivorous hubs ordered chicken, char siew and siew yoke PLUS a big plate of wantan mee with beef brisket!

Image may contain: people sitting and food

Image may contain: people sitting and food

We had breakfast with Alan Yun, our celebrity cum entrepreneur long-time friend (blurred image of him in the background).

 Image may contain: people sitting, people eating, food and indoor

After breakfast, we did grocery shopping. Back home, I supervised the girls in the kitchen. They made passion fruit agar-agar and coconut pudding for the first time :)

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