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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Supermoon 2016 - 14 Nov 2016

It was another cool, breezy and cloudy night on the night that Supermoon 2016 was set to make its appearance.  In fact, it was slightly hazy, bummer!!

I cooked an early dinner so that we could have the time to wait to catch a glimpse of the super-sized moon. Cass waited at the window  the moment the skies turned dark.  Half an hour gone but there was still no sight of the moon.  Finally at around 7:45pm, the moon started to come out from its veil but it was super shy and with a fleeting appearance of less than half an hour, it went back to hide inside the clouds... and didn't come out again. That's from our side of the world.

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

Though supermoon made a fleeting appearance, it wasn't that big from our end.  In fact, on random nights, we had sighted the moon even bigger and brighter.

Image may contain: night and sky

Cass was really disappointed that she didn't get to see what she had expected to see, which was a humongous and orangy supermoon, like the ones below:

On October 16 the supermoon glowed bright over the United States. This red moon hung over Washington D.C. on Sunday (pictured over Washington, D.C. on Sunday)

Supermoon 2016

I was pretty disappointed too. I thought I would get to watch a gigantic orangy ball glowing in stellar but sigh..

But know what? This morning I saw the supermoon during my pre-dawn morning walk cum run!  It was big (albeit not as big as the two images above) and yellowish but it didn't stay long before it went hiding again beneath the clouds.  It showed its face to me as if to assuage my wish to catch a glimpse of it :D

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