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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Homecooked Mee Siam / Tomyam Noodles

I cooked mee siam / Tomyam noodles for the first time recently and I must say that it was a huge success. So yummy was the mee siam that I must claim that it is my signature dish now :D

Mee siam is everyone's favorite in our house.  This recipe is a stunning showstopper that is not too difficult to prepare if you are not in a rush.

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Refer to written directions at the end of this post. Pictures come first...

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1) 1 packet of Way brand Tomyam paste
2) Taucheong - around 1 tablespoon
3) Chopped garlic
4) Chopped shallots / onions
5) Carrot - julienned / sliced thinly
6) Tofu pok - 1 packet and cut thinly
7) Sugar to taste
8) Salt to taste
9) Chicken fillet - marinated with Thai fish sauce and pepper
10)  Eggs
11) Cooking oil
12) Dried shrimps (har mai) - blitzed in blender
13) Kaffir lime leaves - cut thinly
14) Bunga kantan and lemon grass - I did not manage to get these 2 items. If you can get hold of them, the mee siam will taste even better.
15) Kaffir lime - for the juice

1)  Fry the eggs and remove from the wok
2)  Pan fry the chicken fillet and remove from the wok
3)  Blanch the meehoon / vermicelli in another pot for about a minute. Remove from the pot of water.
4)  Brown the garlic, shallots and ground dried shrimps (har mai)
5)  Add in the entire packet of Way Tomyam paste and mix with the garlic and shallots
6)  Add water, sugar and salt and let simmer for about 15 minutes
7)  Add in the tofu pok and let the tofu pok soak in the sauce. That will take 10-15 minutes.
8)  Add in the meehoon into the sauce and using a spatula and pair of chopsticks, mix the meehoon well with the sauce.
9)  Add in the julienned carrots and kafir lime leaves and cover with the meehoon for about 1 minute.
10) Add in the cooked chicken fillet and fried eggs and mix everything well.
11) Add in the kafir lime juice and mix well.
12) Plate up, decorate and serve immediately.

You can go to You Tube and watch how mee siam is cooked. Visual helps a lot for me.

My mee siam recipe is tweaked from a few recipes that I googled.  It tastes like a million dollars and yet is pretty simple to make and made with ingredients that are inexpensive and easily available. I can't wait to cook this again. Now you really got to try cooking this too!

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