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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good Laugh

The hubs came home just now, with his sweaty shirt taken off after a run at the park. As he was walking towards the lift area from his car, he saw a teenage girl jog past him. He called out to the girl -- "wei, wei, where are you going?" thinking that she's Alycia as the girl looked just like Alycia. But the girl ignored him and ran away even faster. 🙀

Upon entering the door of our house, the hubs asked me whether Alycia had gone jogging. On hearing this, Alycia darted out from her room. The hubs then told us about his embarrassing moment calling out to the girl. We all had a good eye-tearing guffaw, especially with how he was looking - a fat shirtless man wolf calling out to a girl in the dark (it was 9pm).  We all hoped that the girl wouldn't remember the hubs' face, else she would blacklist him as the humsup pervert who lives in the condo 😆😆

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