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Friday, March 31, 2017

Little Friday Jaunt

This morning while our girls were in school, I had a little jaunt in KL with the hubs and the mil in search of street food and food supplies for the hubs' catering events.

First stop was at Unifrozen @ Jalan Chan Sow Lin for the hubs to get his catering paraphernalia. Then we went to tuck into our favorite Ipoh style 'kai si hor fun' (flat rice noodles with shredded chicken) and bean sprouts at San Peng. It's one of the best 'kai si hor fun' and bean sprouts we could find in KL and comes really close to the real deal in our beloved hometown of Ipoh.

After chomping down a bowl of noodles, my foodie hubs said he wanted to eat Indian rice, which is supposedly one of the best in KL.  Oh. my. gawd!  I was SO full already. 

He brought us to the famous SS Spicy Restoran at Kg Attap to tuck into some Indian rice.  It was my first time there.

Suresh’s wife Sumathi Perumal, preparing for the lunch crowd which mainly consists of office workers in the Kampung Attap area. — Photos: P.NATHAN/The Star

Upon entering the little stall under a tree, the smell of fried chicken and Indian curry wafted in the air. Oh. my. gawd. Though I was full to my throat, I was drowning in the aroma of Indian food, which is one of my favorite cuisines.  Hubs was beaming with excitement. He is happiest when surrounded with food.  He quickly got a plate and began to help himself to the scrumptious dishes.

SS Spicy is located beneath a huge tree in Jalan Kampung Attap and has survived for more than 20 years with no real identity, except for their tasty food that has customers coming back for more. Going by the many names their customers have concocted including “Bawah Pokok”, “SSSC food stall”, “Sivam corner” and “Suresh Corner”, this little stall has its roots firmly planted in the area. Serving the best of Indian cuisine, the stall serves customers from all walks of life, regardless of race and religion.

This dry style chicken varuval dish caught my eyes and I told the hubs to scoop out a few pieces for us to try...

1 Dry-style chicken varuval. 2 Suresh’s wife Sumathi Perumal, preparing for the lunch crowd which mainly consists of office workers in the Kampung Attap area. — Photos: P.NATHAN/The Star

After waiting for 15-20 minutes, the super crispy deep fried chicken (kampung chicken drumsticks) arrived, right out from the hot pot of oil and sizzling hot. I dared not lay my hands on the chicken, lest I get a badly inflamed throat right away.  By the time we finished the plate of rice with dishes (one plate shared by 3 of us), we could not stuff the fried chicken down our throats anymore. We doggy bagged the chicken home for dinner.

By the way, the fried kampung chicken drumstick costs RM8 each!   Total bill came out to RM41.50 for the 3 of us (only 1 plate of rice with a few small portions of dishes) and 3 pieces of fried chicken.

The plate of rice that we shared.. I had forgotten to snap a picture and only remembered half way through eating... The deep fried fish was sinfully delish too.

After tucking into 2 heavy meals, we went to Lee's Frozen where hubs bought his supply of frozen meat, et al.  

We reached home just in time to receive Drama Queen and Cass who got back from school. 

I truly enjoy little jaunts like this when the kids are in school 😁

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