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Monday, March 27, 2017

Samo Is Sold

The little Samoyed pup is finally sold, after 9  months. Samo was sold 3 weeks ago at age 10 months old.  😭

After piano lesson on that Saturday, we strolled next door to the pet shop. We could not see the white fluffy Samoyed that we named Samo anywhere in the cubicles, waiting for Cass to visit her. We went inside the pet shop and asked the assistants if the white Samo was sold and to our greatest disappointment, we heard the word "YES, Xiao Pai is sold!"  For a moment, Cass almost teared, and so did I.  😢  The pet shop girls had named her Xiao Pai.

We then learned that Samo was sold to a pet cafe in Kepong at a whopping price of RM8,300! When Cass heard that Samo can still be traced, she asked if we could bring her to the pet cafe in Kepong. But it's way too far for us baby girl.   In the car on our ride home, Cass persuaded me to bring her to visit Samo on her birthday.

The next Saturdays that followed, we saw new cute little pups in the pet shop but none of them tugged at our heartstrings the way Samo did. Cass has nothing much to look forward to after piano class on Saturdays now. We now hope that the owner of the pet shop will import another Samoyed. Well, maybe this time we will buy the Samoyed... but until and unless we move to a landed property. Slim chance for now...

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Good-bye Samo. May you be loved and showered with lots of hugs and love everyday at your new home.

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