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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Learning A Musical Instrument

Are you an adult that has a deep interest in learning a musical instrument? You're not alone. There are a lot of people that have felt the calling to play a musical instrument but never got the chance for a variety of reasons. Maybe you were too busy with sports growing up or your parents didn't see the value in it.

Many adults are turned off from learning the piano because they don't think they will ever be able to get good at it. It is a fact that children are better at learning new things because the human brain is designed for it in that stage of life. There is some truth to this, but you shouldn't let it make you shy away from attempting to learn a new hobby. Here are some tips that will help any adult learn the piano.

1. Play music you like - You probably aren't setting out to become a master piano player who can play all styles of music without fail. Start out by learning some of your favorite songs in your favorite genre of music. First, this will make you more excited to learn because it's fun for you. Second, most music is related, so learning one thing will also help you learn other styles.

2. Get a Teacher - If you have the time, hire a private teacher. These pros will get you started on developing good habits and technique right off the bat, making it much easier for you down the road as you get into more complicated and difficult styles of music. The cost of a private instructor is well worth what you get out of it.

3. Play With Others - If you have friends that play an instrument, try to set up a "jam session". Playing with other people is one of the joys of playing an instrument and will also help you pick up on things you might not have found on your own or through music workbooks.

4. Be Patient - Don't give up. Nothing worth having will come to you easily. There are going to be moments when you get so frustrated that you want to give up, but don't let these deter you because, for every one of those moments, there is a moment of self-discovery and improvement that cannot be matched in any other way. The rewards of playing a musical instrument are unmatched by another discipline.

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