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Monday, April 10, 2017

Shrunken Teviron Singlet

Early last week, my beloved Electrolux washing machine of 8.5 years konked out with clothes and soapy water inside the machine a quarter way into the cycle.  The washing machine technician came and carted it away.  I was devastated. Life is so miserable without my most trusted and helpful electrical gadget around.

When the washing machine door was opened, the soapy water flooded the kitchen floor.  After cleaning up the mess, I quickly put the soaking wet clothes in a pail and hurried off to the laundry shop without even checking what clothes were inside the pail as I had to send food to school for Cass and Drama Queen who were staying back for CoCo activities that day.

When I collected the clothes from the laundry shop in the evening, I was in for a big rude shock when I opened the plastic bag of clothes.  Cass' Teviron negative ion singlet shrunk to half its size!!  And the material hardened too, as if it was coated by a layer of starch.

When Cass saw her singlet, she was in tears. She was very, very upset as this is the singlet that she's been wearing almost every night for the past 3.5 years.

And I was very, very upset as the Teviron singlet cost me about RM200!!  Though it is already worn for 3 years, it is still a very costly imported singlet from Japan.  Oh why didn't I check the clothes before dropping them at the laundry shop?! 😭

Fortunately Cass still has another Teviron singlet. She was really upset that day and was in tears for the longest time. I consoled her and put the shrunken singlet on her favorite soft toy, Lammie the baby lamb and said that the Teviron singlet is now Lammie's night gown 😁

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