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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sisters Forever

They fight like cats and dogs, they bicker over trivial issues but they are still the best of friends at the end of the day.

When I am too busy with work to steal even 15 minutes to test Drama Queen on her BM Tatabahasa, I will enlist the help of Alycia to do the testing on her sister. With my method of tutoring BM to Alycia, she had always scored 'A' in her BM Paper 1 in all her primary school exams. BM Tatabahasa (grammar in Malay language) is all about memorizing (since BM is not our first language) and purging out by way of doing lots of exercises. With less than 5 months away to the UPSR exam, I am putting pressure on Drama Queen to memorize all the different scopes that fall under the Tatabahasa every day with me testing her at the end of the day.

Picture below - Alycia testing Drama Queen in Kata Kerja, Sinonim, Antonim and Peribahasa.

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