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Monday, May 15, 2017

Eve Of Mother's Day - 13 May 2017

On the eve of Mother's Day, hubs brought us to a restaurant that we've never visited before. He wanted to treat us to something different on the eve of Mother's Day.  UFO Cat BBQ Restaurant is owned by a Chinese national and they serve dishes for UFOs (just kidding 😆), authentic Chinese cuisine, BBQ dishes and steamboat fare as well.

This humongous steamer does appear like some UFO spacecraft but is in fact a high pressure cooker that can cook up to 12 fishes in only 8 minutes. Pretty awesome and impressive eh?

Below: watermelon slices, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin soup given on-the-house.

We ordered some BBQ meat on skewers...

Our fish cooked in 2 flavors, with such seafood as squids, lala and prawns and an assortment of veggies steamed together with the fish. This dish was hot and spicy and even spicy food fans such as moi and our girls could not stomach the level of spiciness. Very typical of dishes from certain parts of China. I remember eating such dishes when I went on a holiday in Bejing and Tianjin with my parents in 1997.

Below : the dish at the foreground consists of some cow innards pickled with parsley and lots of burning hot chillies. One mouthful of it sent steam coming off my ears and head and I had to order one jug of fresh watermelon juice to douse the fire in my mouth.

Below: The best dish came from the BBQ chicken wings.  The BBQ eggplant with lots and lots of garlic and chillies was very flavorful too but it was a tad spicy for the girls' liking.

Below: Our bill. Sorry, this yellow banana can't interpret it. For over RM300, we  did not really enjoy our super hot and spicy authentic Chinese meal.  The kids were panting away and chugging down glasses after glasses of water and watermelon juice.

Onwards and upwards! Hubs wanted to end our dinner on a sweet note, thus he brought us to Mykori Dessert Cafe to indulge in some cool shaved ice desserts to cool our burning tummies. This time, we ordered a Matcha Latte Adzuki Kakigori shaved ice, which is a new item on the menu. And also the girls' all-time favorite of Triple Cheese Taiyaki with oozing cheese within.

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