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Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Lunch - 26 May 2017

Today is the last day of school for the girls and the 2 weeks mid term holidays begin tomorrow. It's not quite a holiday yet for Drama Queen as she has another 1 week of school to attend for UPSR exam preparation classes. Though it's the long awaited school holidays, it's not quite a holiday for me.

Cass said this to me when she came back from school today "mum, it's the start of the school holidays but it's the start of your nightmare!  It rhymes, yeah?" 😁

Yeah, rub it in. I know. You are so right baby girl. It is indeed the start of my nightmare. I have been praying hard that the surgery will be 100% smooth sailing and successful with no complications. I sure hope that my hospital stay will be pleasant.  My good friend had a similar surgery done some time last year and she told me that she enjoyed her stay in the hospital very much. She is a mother of 2 young girls and has no help at home. Thus, I can totally relate to her. The much needed rest and sleep can all be claimed during the hospital stay.

Before I decided on this surgery, on days when I longed for just one extra hour of sleep in the morning, I wished that I could sleep forever. I wished that I could sleep for hours on end with no one waking me up. I have always wished that I could sleep to my heart's content. And now my wish has come true. I can now sleep uninterrupted in the hospital.  I better be very careful and watch what I wish for next time! Same goes to all of you 😭

Do you know that I have a very bad relationship with hope and optimism? Before Cass went for a Uretheral Reimplantation surgery exactly 8 years ago, I had imagined that the surgery will be a success. I had envisioned that she would be discharged after 5 days and the hospitalization bill would  cost us no more than RM10k like what her surgeon had informed us.  But as fate had it, there were complications after the surgery and Cass was operated on again after 2 weeks. The bill shot up to over RM50k and not a sen was claimable from our insurance company. Our 5-day stay prolonged to a 3-week nightmarish stay!  😰

This is why I have this tinge of pessimism in me this time. Visions of my hospital stay with Cass kept playing back in my head. And visions of my aunt who went in for an abdomen surgery but she passed on 2 months later kept flashing in my mind.  I better not ramble on about all the negativity.  Positive I must stay!! 💪💪😉

Our simple homely lunch today:

Fried fish, mugwort ('ngai') omelette with ginger strips and braised Buddha's Hand gourd/melon.

A pitcher of refreshing cool lemonade with raw honey.

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