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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kids Are Our Blessings

My drama queen is my savior at home. She is the most helpful around the house, especially in the kitchen. On days when we have no part-time helper, she would do the dishes, help to sweep the floor and do other cleaning chores. In the kitchen, she will always be the first to help me. Whenever the hubs comes home late to eat dinner, she will be the one who helps to heat up the dishes for her dad, brings the food to the table and clears the table after that. Just last night, I was so burned out that I knocked out by 9 p.m.  When the hubs got home at 10pm and asked for his dinner,  Drama Queen who wasn't in bed yet helped to heat up the food for her dad.  Thank God for my Drama Queen! She's got her flaws, no doubt and the willful  side of her drives me potty ALL the time. She always stretches my patience till it snaps. I always have to keep my socks on in order not to go to pieces when dealing with her. But the other positive qualities in her manage to balance out the 'dark side' of her to an equilibrium state. She's a fun daughter to have. She's chatty, funny, melodramatic and likes to tell me everything about school and her friends. Drama Queen and Alycia are the polar opposites.

The big girl, on the other hand, is an introvert and an ice maiden of sorts. She does not tell me much about her school and social life. She prefers to do her things in her room. When she tells me things, I am in luck!  She dislikes house work but still helps out and the kitchen is definitely not a place for her to be in. But thankfully, she has inherited my cleanliness OCD and her dad's neat freak DNA 😁 She helps to keep the house neat and tidy everyday, cleans the dining area, arranges our messy shoes neatly, throws the garbage in the refuse room and keeps her room clean. When her two sisters messes up the house, she goes into a fit.  Imagine that if I were to do everything myself, I am certain that I would either end up in Tg. Rambutan or have a pre-matured demise! Thank God for my daughters!

As for the littlest one, I must admit that she is a tad spoilt and pampered. Though she has her fair share of household chores on her plate,  this cheeky rat would try to evade her duties and shirks responsibility as much as she can. This drives everyone berserk, especially her sisters who all have duties and chores of their own. She just wants to read her novels all day and if I would allow it, go crazy playing with her phone or laptop all day. She needs a lot of pushing to do her duties each day.  But this little cheeky one is really good at comforting me with her words whenever I am down and out.  Her nimble hands do a good massage job on my shoulders too. When I have an achy gassy tummy, she would make me lie down on the bed and then fetch my peppermint essential oil to massage my tummy. She even knows how to massage and push the gas out of my tummy! She is very appreciative of my cooking and likes writing little thank you notes to me 💓

Thank you God for these 3 little angles. They are indeed my life's blessings 💗
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