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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lunch Battle

Every day I go through a lunch battle,  battling with my mind on what to eat for lunch, not so much for myself but for Cass.  The two older girls have their lunches at school as they stay back in school everyday. It's just Cass who comes home to eat lunch. I know it's just lunch but if you have to put something healthy yet not boring on the dining table every single day, not only for lunch but for dinner as well, you sometimes get trapped. I guess I am OCD with what I feed my children and this is what's causing the brain freeze and lack of choices. If I would just allow sausages, burgers, fast food and outside food every single day, I wouldn't have to go through this headache all the time.  I know of someone who used to feed her son with spam meat every other day just so her son would eat his dinner.  On non-spam meat days, she would fry an egg for the son. This routine went on for many years and I am surprised with how his son never got fed up with egg and spam meat!

Just yesterday, the mil and I had a hard time planning what to dish out for lunch. At mid-morning, the hubs came home with some snacks that he had bought from KLCC after a meeting with his client. They were a pack of O'Briens chicken sandwich and a box of droolicious Hokkaido cheese tarts and durian tarts!  I was so happy! Lunch for Cass was settled. This girl loves sandwiches. While Cass had the chicken sandwich for lunch, the mil whipped up a ginger + egg + Chinese sausage fried rice for the both of us. How I love Chinese sausage, though I know it's made from crap 😛, thus I don't allow our girls to eat them often. Cass knows Chinese sausages are bad for her and she would single out almost all the Chinese sausages from her fried rice.

Oh by the way, I think the O'Briens sandwich is nothing to shout about. The bread tasted stale  and there was nothing outstanding about the filling. I guess the sandwich would taste better if it was eaten immediately after purchasing it.  I can definitely prep a tastier chicken sandwich. Even Drama Queen can prep a yummier sandwich.  But the Hokkaido baked cheese and durian tarts were SO good, they should be illegal! They don't come cheap but for tart lovers, you should give it a try. One bite of the tart and you would be in Tart Heaven 💓

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