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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Post Laproscopic Myomectomy Surgery

My first solid meal after the surgery was a few slices of tuna sandwich, prepared for me the night before. I didn't eat it and just left it in my room as I was too lazy to get down from bed and to brush my teeth after that. I didn't feel like moving too much right after a surgery.  I just drank a packet of Izumio, a few sips of Milo and many sips of warm water after my surgery. I had a bad throat with phlegm caused by the oxygen tube inserted into my throat during the surgery. I only ate the tuna wholemeal sandwich at 6:30 a.m. the next day.

At 8:30 a.m., I had breakfast of fish porridge.

At 11:30 a.m., lunch was served. I chose braised chicken with potatoes and ginger and brown rice. There was a side of fish ball soup and honey dew as dessert.

The food was bland enough for recuperating patients.

Eating and working at my lappie 😁

After my discharge from the hospital on Tuesday, 30 May, my papa, mil and the girl's grand aunt joined in forces to cook up a storm. It was a celebration of sorts to welcome me home. It was coincidentally the Duanwu / Dumpling Festival too on that day.

I had pumpkin, pork and fish porridge but I didn't take any pic of it. I was feeling very bloated with gas pains from the unreleased gas and CO2 trapped in my body. The gas was finally released after dinner. What a relief!!!

The hubs bought a jackfruit cheese cake for us to celebrate a 2-in-1 occasion: Shireen's Homecoming and Parents' Day 💗

This morning as I was watching Cass wash up and brush her teeth, Cass said this proudly and melodramatically. "mum, you see, I survived a HUNDRED days without you... and you, you got back alive after the surgery. The good thing is, I feel a lot more independent! I can wake up to pee with my alarm clock at 4am, without you. You see, I survived without you!"

After a mere 3 days away from home, my girls are suddenly so independent. This morning, Alycia helped peel an orange for Cass and hung the laundry.  Cass helped to mop the floor with the magic mop after breakfast. After lunch just now, Drama Queen helped to mop the kitchen floor.  I am blessed 😍💖

You can read the story of my laproscopic myomectomy surgery in my other blog.
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