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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pre-Surgery Foods

I had this bowl of spicylicious meehoon curry with 'sui kau' dumplings accompanied by a glass of iced milk tea at Taste Good with the hubs last week.  This is my favorite kind of brunch on a weekday, where I can peacefully tuck into my favorite spicy food sans the littlest one pecking on my food.

It looks like this will be the last time I get to indulge in spicy food and tea for this month.  From today, it is only clean eating for me. My laproscopic myomectomy surgery is scheduled for 29 May 2017.

From today, I will be eating more lean protein and eggs (both for a quicker post-op recovery and to increase my red blood cells), kefir (my guts need lots of good bacteria to fight the bad ones post-op), more greens and fresh fruits and lots of Izumio. I have stopped some supplements since yesterday and will only resume popping them after I am discharged from the hospital.

My pre-dinner snack of free-range chicken eggs and roselle kefir yesterday.

7 more days to go! Bring it on! I can take it 💪💪

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