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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Protect Your Most Precious Heritage: Ideas on How to Protect Your Baby Against Falls

As a mother, protecting your baby from falling is one of the biggest responsibilities you have towards them. This post shares ideas on how to do that. At Yourwriters best essay writing site, they believe that babies are embodiment of the joy and the hopes of many parents. However, babies are also delicate and vulnerable to many dangers in the home. Some of the hazards that every mother needs to protect her baby from is falling. Unless you take the necessary precautions, you may find yourself being mentioned among those mothers who have lost their babies to falls. That is why this post shares ideas you can implement to keep your baby safe from falling in and around the house.

Be cautious with infant seats 
When you place your baby in an infant seat, you need to be there and watch them unless you have used all the safety straps they have.

Watch out for heights 
To keep your baby safe from possible falls, you need to pay attention to them anytime they are in a place from where they can fall. For instance, you need to attend to your baby anytime they are on the sofa, bed, or a crib when the sides are down.

Think about the degree of injury if the baby falls All baby falls cause injuries.
As a mother who values the safety of her baby, you should be very careful when your baby has a pacifier in his mouth. The reason is that if they fall with such objects in their mouth, they stand higher chances of suffering more injuries. Additionally, do not allow your baby to walk or run around with any object in their mouth.

Instill early training Another step you need to keep your baby safe is instilling early training as soon as they can understand instructions. For instance, you should teach the baby to avoid playing with pets when they are on the stairs. Also, teach them to practice holding the stair rails every time they make movement on the staircase.

Lock doors to danger zones
As soon as your baby begins walking, you should always lock all the doors that lead to any area you know the baby can fall if they are left alone. You should also keep all the keys to such openings away from the baby’s reach.

Beware of the floors 
Other areas you need to take care of are the floors of the house. With babies around, you need to include anti-slip rugs on the floors of your home. You should also do the same in the bathrooms to prevent falling.

Light and clear hallways
To keep your baby safe from falls, you have to pay attention to your hallways. You should make every effort to light them adequately and rid them of any clutter so that babies do not fall.

Take care of playing places Another area you need to take care of is where you allow the baby to play. There are many safe places where your baby can play as long as they are not the balcony, deck, staircase, and porch. If your baby has no other venue to play, and these places are the only available alternatives, you should supervise them.

Mind the tricycles your baby uses In as much as a tricycle is a good tool for your baby’s growth and development, you should ensure it is stable. You should also make sure that it is low to the ground and when the baby is using it, keep a close eye on them so that they do not lose control of the cycle and roll off.

Install rail guards on the bed Another safety measure you need to take to keep your baby from falling is installing rail guards on beds. You should also ensure that the rails are not big enough to allow the child to get trapped and choke or suffocate.

Toddler Climbing out of Crib (XXL) : Stock Photo

Fix window guards
Installing window guards is another sure way of keeping your baby from falling.

Keep furniture away from windows Make sure that you keep all furniture away from windows so that kids don’t use them to climb windows and fall.

Furniture climbing You should keep a keen eye on babies so that they do not climb furniture, especially tall pieces of furniture.

Know where to place the baby carrier Another measure that will keep your baby safe from falling is placing the carrier on the floor as long as the baby is inside it. If you place it on the table or other pieces of furniture, you will be exposing your baby to a sure fall.

Keep your baby’s head safe To keep your baby safe, you need to take care of their heads, as they start learning and engaging in more activities that are vigorous. Ensure when your child is engaging in activities such as biking, they have a helmet. You should take this measure so that if they fall, they will not incur serious head injuries.

Don’t trust that baby walker For a parent, the best tools to teach your baby how to walk are your hands and legs. Additionally, they are the safest of all baby walking support tools, and they do not cost you any coin. The reason is that baby walkers are not safe. For instance, a baby walker can roll down the staircase and cause your baby injuries. Therefore, don’t gamble with the life of your child by leaving them on that support system.

Be careful how you use the shopping cart with the baby
Shopping carts can be fun for kids when you are busy shopping. However, you need to pay attention to the following precautions to ensure that the baby is safe from falling so that your shopping does not end at the hospital.
● Never leave the baby alone in the cart
● Make sure the cart you use has a wheeled child carrier that has a permanent attachment to the cart. If the cart does not have this provision, then you should ensure that it has a binding strap you can use to belt up your baby. If this feature is also missing, then do not experiment with the life of your baby.

Lock the windows
You need to close and lock out all windows as long as they are not in use.

Open top windows only
If your windows can open from both top and bottom, you should only open the upper ones and leave the bottom ones.

Install safety gates 
You should install safety gates at the top and bottom of all staircases. Such a measure will keep your baby safe from accessing the stairs without adult supervision.

Baby climbing up stairs : Stock Photo

Support the child while on the staircase
Even after installing safety gates, you still need to hold your baby’s hands when you are climbing up or down the staircase. This is the best form of safety you can give your child on the stairs.

Remember, supervision is the best safety measure After all is said and done, you need to supervise your baby as soon as they start crawling. Supervision is the only sure way of detecting and preventing all forms of baby falls in the home.

Final thoughts 
There you are with the best and most practical ideas to keep your baby free from falling. You now have the ball in your court. Protect what matters the most to you—your  precious baby.

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