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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Impact Does Writing For Health Have?

This article is about the impact of essay writing on health.

The benefits of expressive writing for physical and mental health 

How often do you write an essay or even homework independently? In today's world, unfortunately, this activity seems pointless to many learners. The world we live in today has created many opportunities to facilitate the work of man.  There are many services and tutors who can do your job quickly and thus savŠµs your time. According to scientists, expressive writing brings about many benefits to our health.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that writing expressively about stressful or traumatic life events is associated with improvements in physical and psychological health. This is not the same as journal writing. This is writing about stressful or traumatic events in one's life and one's feelings associated with these events and people.

Writing helps to deal with stress, and the habit of recording experiences and thoughts on paper can reduce our emotional stress. Writing about an emotionally charged subject or an unresolved trauma helps you put the even into perspective and gives you some organization to those anxious feelings, which ultimately helps you get through it.

Writing plays an important role in our health because writing can heal our body and mind. Sometimes you need to allocate some time on writing tasks independently in order to feel healthy and not allow the brain to go 'rusty' and shrink.

Let's look at why it is so important to write your own and why writing is good for your health? A few tips that will help you to understand the impact of writing on health.

1. It is easier to learn something. When you write yourself, you remember the facts and information. It trains our brain to work and prevents our brain from degenerating. Handwriting also activates a unique neural circuit, which makes learning easier.   Handwritten words stimulate our brain.

2. Writing develops our memory. It helps us to to memorize the content of lectures and writing cheat sheets are an excellent method of preparation for exams or test.  Writing is a workout not only for the wrist but also for the brain. The act of writing develops motor skills and sharpens memory. Moreover, it helps to maintain the activity and clarity of mind as you age.

3. It's easier to formulate thoughts. It is believed that when you start to write, the necessary ideas come faster and easier laid. In addition, as a rule, the speed of writing approximately corresponds to the speed of thought. Writing for mental health can expand our vocabulary and to generate creative thinking.

4. Writing promotes better execution of tasks to further your learning. The more you write, the more information you possess. It subsequently facilitates your learning process.

 5. Writing helps to deal with stress, and the habit of recording the experiences and thoughts helps to reduce our emotional intensity.

 6. The brain doesn't age so fast when you write. While writing we use different parts of the brain responsible for thinking, speech and working memory. If you write independently regularly and do not utilize essay writing services, the brain will receive additional training to better perform.

No wonder psychologists emphasize the link between the status of cognitive abilities and writing skills. Writing is a momentous component of our lives. It develops our brains. We begin to better express our thoughts. We become a better person and we improve our language.  If we constantly use essay writing service, we will deteriorate mentally. We will become lazy and will soon be unable to  think on our own or express ourselves clearly.

To harness the power of expressive writing, choose a time and place where you're unlikely to be interrupted. Vow to write continuously about something that's upsetting you for at least 15 minutes on a few days consecutively. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb agreement or other writing conventions; simply pour your deepest, most honest feelings onto paper or a computer screen. No one is evaluating you. Sometimes you have to write a lot of junk before you can get to something meaningful.

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