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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day - 18 June 2017

15 years ago, the thought of ever having a child to celebrate parents' day with us seemed so remote. The hubs and I didn't have an iota of feeling of how it would be like to have someone calling us daddy and mummy and to have a child to celebrate mother's day and father's day with us.

Now we have our 3 precious daughters to celebrate these two meaningful days with us.  They are high maintenance and suck us dry each month with endless expenses, drive us potty every single day with the typical Gen Z kids' problems but we  are not complaining.  Being given the privilege to be their parents is a true blessing 💗

Today we celebrated father's day at Front Room by The Kneady Baker @ Taman Desa, a newly opened cafe run by friendly owners with past careers in banking and advertising.

I love the Caesar Salad with crispy bacon bits, poached egg, cheese and homemade croutons. Mixing the runny poached egg with the salad gives it a very creamy texture.

The Pulled Pork Sliders is superb. The luscious and tender pulled pork cooked in sweet-sour gravy whets the appetite. The soft, fluffy and milky buns are house-made by Jo, the owner.

Photo-bombed again! They couldn't wait to lay their hands on the hot fries...

The American grilled toast with cheese is insanely lip-smackingly delicious. I love the ultra soft and fluffy milk loaf baked by Jo. The aroma of butter and cheese grilled on the milk bread is to die for.  Jo's partner cooks everything himself.

The Big Plate comes with two slices of house-baked Jalapeno bread, crispy bacon, house-made sausage, scrambled eggs and baked beans.

The cakes baked by Jo are outrageously delish and fluffy yet not overly sweet or cloy.  Though I am on a low-sugar diet now for quick healing of  my surgical wounds, I  just had to have a day off today to indulge in these sinful babes.  We had strawberry sweetheart, red velvet in white chocolate, peanut butter jelly and pandan gula melaka cake. I love them all and noshed down quite a big wodge of all these cakes. Now, we don't have to make a mad dash to Alexis for our sinful indulgence. We can now find perfect cakes to go with our coffee and tea at our neighborhood cafe.

The Naked Belgian Waffle - simplicity wins the heart. As the name suggests, this waffle is sans any topping. It's fluffy, light and goes really well with butter and maple syrup.  I've always like my waffle naked and sometimes drizzled with a little maple syrup. The girls and I really enjoyed this waffle.

Front Room And The Kneady Baker
16-1, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Open Wed-Mon, 930am-5pm.
Tel: 016-233-8807

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